How to ride

How to Ride a Storm Scooter

1. Download the app
The first step in riding is downloading the Storm Scooters app. It takes a few
seconds using this link. You’ll be asked to create an account and add a payment

2. Find a Storm Scooter
To find an available scooter nearby, simply open the app. You will immediately be taken
to our service map that displays nearby vehicles, riding zones and more.

3. Unlock your vehicle
To unlock a Storm Scooter, simply tap on the button centrally located on the service
map. This will open your phone’s camera and allow you to scan the QR code easily
located at the top of the vehicle. You can also manually enter the alpha-numeric code
located just below the QR code. 

4. Ride safely
To get riding, start by kicking forward with your foot to gain momentum then use the
thumb accelerator to control your speed. Do not apply full depression on the accelerator
at first, just slightly and then monitor your comfort speed. Apply pressure to the
handbrake to decelerate and come to a stop.

Like cyclists, riders are required to abide by all local traffic laws. Riding is only
permitted on approved streets and/or bicycle lanes. Check the local regulations in your
area before starting your ride.

How to Park a Storm Scooter

1. Where to park
When you’re ready to end your ride, consult your app to learn about approved parking
areas in town. 

Always ensure that your scooter is not parked in the center of the sidewalk
as this can cause serious disruptions for pedestrians and disabled persons.
Please do not lock doorways, stairways, ADA access ramps or bus stops. 

2. End your ride
Once your scooter is properly parked, simply tap the “End Ride” button in the app. You
will be prompted to take a photo of your vehicle in-app to ensure that it has been parked
correctly. Once your photo has been submitted, you’re good to go! 

Note: Parking or not riding or treating our scooters incorrectly may result in a fine or
account suspension.