Who is Storm Scooters Ptown and where can I ride?

Storm Scooters is an e-mobility scooter
company located at 322 Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA, offering convenient
transportation throughout Provincetown and parts of Truro.

How do I rent a Storm Scooters scooter?

You have options to reserve our scooters: through our website online, by downloading the Storm Scooters app from either the Apple Store or Google App, or by visiting our store at 322 Commercial Street, Provincetown. These options enable you to find and pay for scooter rides. After signing up, simply locate a nearby scooter, unlock it via the app, and start your ride.

Can I use the Storm Scooters app to pay for scooter rides?

Yes, the Storm Scooters app allows you to pay for scooter rides seamlessly. Download the app, sign up for an account, and add a payment method. You can then locate nearby scooters, unlock them using the app, and pay for your ride.

What are the benefits of using Storm Scooters PTown for urban transportation?

Storm Scooters PTown offers a convenient, eco-friendly, and affordable transportation option for navigating the town. Our scooters are easy to use, reduce carbon emissions, and help alleviate traffic congestion.

How much does it cost to rent a scooter from Storm Scooters PTown?

Rental prices vary depending on the duration of your ride. You can find detailed pricing information on our website or the Storm Scooters app. We offer competitive rates and often run promotions and discounts for our users.

Are helmets provided with scooter rentals?

Yes, safety is our priority. We provide helmets with every scooter rental. We strongly recommend wearing a helmet for your safety while riding our scooters.

What should I do if I encounter an issue with the scooter during my ride?

If you experience any problems with the scooter, such as mechanical issues or damage, please report it immediately by calling our store at +1 508-413-9737 or through the app.

Are there rules for riding our scooters?

Yes, it is important to follow these rules or risk being fined or banned from future riding.

Do I need to abide by traffic rules?

Yes, the Town of Provincetown has the right to issue a ticket to any rider not abiding by their direction.

Safety Rules:
  1. Rider must not place any objects on the handlebar.
  2. Rider must not use a cell phone, music player, or any other device that may distract them while operating the e-scooter.
  3. Rider cannot operate the e-scooter under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication, or other substances which may impair a rider’s ability to operate safely.
  4. Rider may only ride solo, and cannot operate the e-scooter with a second person or child.
  5. Rider may not use their own lock for the e-scooter, but only the locking mechanism provided by the electric scooter service.
  6. The e-scooter cannot be parked in any prohibited spot such as private property, in a locked area, blocking the right of way, or in any other unapproved, non-public space.
  7. The e-scooter must be parked in a visible space, in an upright position and using the kickstand.

Other Points to Note:
  • Theft: E-scooters are used on a rent or shared basis, and attempting to steal one can lead to criminal charges for theft.
  • DUI: Operating an e-scooter while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances can result in DUI charges.
  • Reckless Driving: Swerving through traffic, cutting off other riders or drivers, or driving on the sidewalk can lead to criminal charges for reckless driving.
  • Operating on Prohibited Areas: Operating the scooter in prohibited areas such as sidewalks, certain roads, or public areas may result in civil or criminal penalties.
  • Vandalism: Damaging, defacing, or causing serious damage to an e-scooter may result in vandalism charges, also known as criminal mischief.